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Count Up & Down - Java script - Countdowns

Count Up & Down JavaScript tool can implement both the count up and count down operation. The user can mention the time from/to which, he or she wants to count down/up. These two stopwatch functions can work separately or together at the same time.

Check if its a number - Java script - Form Processing

This confirms whether the value entered by the user is a number where a number is expected in the fields while filling up the forms in your webpage. The script can work on Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer 4.x browsers and is very easy to implement it in

Fade-in slideshow - Java script - Image Effects

Webmasters can have a nice slideshow on their websites by using this javascript Fade-in slideshow. This script produces a fade effect transition in between the images.

Popup date picker - Java script - Calendars

A pop up calendar script that makes it easy to fill out date/time fields of a form.

Display IP address script (using SSI and JavaScript) - Java script - Networking

This program made in JavaScript; it uses a piece of JavaScript to display the IP address in a text box of the visitor while filling any of the forms in your webpage.

Calculating the difference between two dates - Java script - Date and Time

Learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in JavaScript, and in the process, derive some useful applications such as counting down to a particular event, counting up, displaying what's new on your page etc.

Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller - Java script - Image Manipulation

This javascript program allows the webmasters to display their site with horizontally rolling image and it supports unlimited number of images in a single frame.

Image Thumbnail viewer II - Java script - Image Effects

This image script loads and displays a larger image inline on the page when a thumbnail is clicked on. Great for letting visitors preview from many images then select the one of his choice to view all on the same page.

Force IE to Maximize Window When Opened - Java script - Browsers

This script forces the IE to maximize the window, when your page is opened. So every time a maximized page is displayed when you open it. Works only with the IE.

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