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Calculating date differences - PHP - Date and Time

Calculating date differences is a tutorial for calculating differences between the two given dates in year, month, date and hour and so on. For this, the author gives some sample php code.

Get the number of days in a month - ASP - Date and Time

This is a tutorial which shows the method of getting the number of days in a month. A detailed description is given with an example.

Date Manipulation Part 4 : Getting the day, month, year, weekday, and weekday name - ASP - Date and Time

This is a tutorial which shows how to get the month, weekday, etc., by using some functions and these functions are described briefly in this tutorial.

C# DateTime Structure - C# - Date and Time

This is the tutorial for the users to show how C# Datetime Structure works. This gives you the age when you feed your date of birth. It's nothing new, but the speciality lies on that it would give your age very accurately.

ASP.NET Pop-Up Date Picker Control - ASP.NET - Date and Time

This script helps users to create a popup date picker on their websites. This program is compatible on both internet explorer and netscape browsers. Using this script you can select the date and time.

Analog Clock - Java - Date and Time

Analog Clock displays time of your time zone. This displays an analog clock and even allows you to draw a crude analog clockface.

Calculating the difference between two dates - Java script - Date and Time

Learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in JavaScript, and in the process, derive some useful applications such as counting down to a particular event, counting up, displaying what's new on your page etc.

Date Time - PERL - Date and Time

This script is useful for displaying accurate time on your system. You can customize the time and date according to your time zone. It is very simple to install in your system.

date-diff. - PHP - Date and Time

date-diff.php is a date and time displaying script and is developed using php. This script is used to calculate the difference between two dates. It is easy to handle.

Page generation time - PHP - Date and Time

This tutorial teaches about how to display the execution time in PHP scripts. The author made it with three functions and gives some PHP sample scripts for this purpose.

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