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Oracle / Oracle Database 11g
« on: November 21, 2007, 07:24:51 PM »

  Oracle Database 11g extends Oracle’s unique ability to deliver the benefits of grid computing. Oracle grid computing has fundamentally changed the way data centers look and operate, transforming data centers from silos of resources to shared pools of servers and storage. Oracle’s revolutionary grid architecture enables all types of applications to scale out server and storage capacity on demand. By clustering low-cost servers and storage modules in a grid, organizations are able to improve user service levels, reduce downtime, and make more efficient use of their IT resources. Oracle Database 11g includes an extensive set of new features and enhancements that raises the standard across the board for all types of database applications in the areas of:
Performance and scalability
High availability and disaster recovery
Self-management and automation
Security and compliance
Information Lifecycle Management
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Database application development
XML, Spatial, and Unstructured data management

Oracle Database 11g also introduces unique Real Application Testing features that will significantly reduce the time, cost and risk associated with system changes such as hardware and software upgrades, and other system changes. 

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