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InStr ASP String Function
« on: December 20, 2009, 03:07:34 PM »
InStr is a commonly used ASP function that allows you to determine where a character or characters falls within a string. This is much like the command loc or mid in other languages. It takes in 2 parameters:

* The string to operate on
* The character or characters to locate

The original string variable is not altered.

Let's say you have a string called UserName which is equal to "Lisa Shea". Now let's say you just want to know where the space falls in the username, so you can cut the string apart into the first name and last name at that point. You would use:

SpaceLoc = InStr(UserName, " ")

The result is that SpaceLoc would be equal to 5. You could then use that knowledge along with the total length of the string (found with the Len function) to use Left function and the Right function to chop up your string.