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A way to show your appreciation ..
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:52:33 AM »
I recently became aware of a delightful young lady neighbour who has hit a wall in her University studies for lack of funding ... so I thought to appeal to all who have appreciated the 'helps here' to donate whatever you would like to give, to help me to help her complete her professional goals.

In Canada, presently, the smallest paper amount, (paper will easily hide in an envelope), is a five dollar note, but please feel free to send any amount and I will keep a tally posted below here, of all funds received with your name also (unless you specify in your enclosed short note that you prefer to be anonymous.)

You can send mail to me at:

David W. Zavitz
3869 Concession 2
Stouffville, Ontario
Canada  L4A 7X4

Note: on 2019-04-14 I noticed there was an unwanted letter 'm' at the end of the above Canada Post Code

The correct Post Code is NOW as above: L4A 7X4

So sorry if you have mailed ... I have not as of today, received any mail regarding  this request ... if you have failed to reach me because of this above typing error ... please email me at:

P.S. This young lady is just 21, and recently lost her mom. I know her because my oldest granddaughter, went all through lower grades of school with her ... who will have their names at the top ... on the list below?
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