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A reply letter to a friend’s question ...
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:22:58 PM »
Subject: A reply to a letter with a question from a friend

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A copy for you to see and pass on as you see fit ...

Yesterday, I had an email from a friend in the USA ...

Please see copy/paste of main part of text below:

Hi David,

If you had a son today who was say, 11, 12, or 13 ... and he came to you and said:

"Dad, is evolution across species true?"

how would you guide him?


Thanks ...

My reply:

A good place to start is with:

Can you see that every house had a builder?

(i.e. every complex structure is designed and built to perform some function ... and a child can easily classify / play the game called: ‘Animal, Mineral, Vegetable’ ...)

Then ... I’d emphasize that we can be often deceived by repeated emphatic lies ...

For example, a child knows (and can know for sure) that any explosion, an example of *un-directed energy*,

*always* degrades existing order / structure ... i.e. *all* mutations *always* degrade

*pre-existing code* ...

(and note that mutations are examples of an *un-directed energy* event) ...

however we were designed/built with a DNA ‘code backup’ (and pre-built with hardware/software to permit this ‘restore operation’) ... so ... many mutations can be repaired / restored to original ... however as mutations build up ... to a critical loss of vital info ... extinction takes place ... so ... the fossil record is really a record of (Noah’s flood and) extinctions.

(The oft repeated *big lie* is that mutations are, very rarely, but sometimes, ‘helpful’ ... ‘helpful’ to create new ‘useful’ code, and that this ‘useful’ code accumulated over long periods to create purposeful structures and function ... by a process of survival of fittest ... *but* only *already* highly designed and prebuilt / predesigned systems can be ready to accommodate a limited variety of external conditions ... and they can ‘survive’ ... *only* as long as they are NOT degraded too much ... and only as long as they are still fit enough to ‘function’ in a new environment that is within the original design specs ... just ask any real engineer!)

The biblical ‘kind’ was created with the potential for a limited wide variation in ... offspring ...

but all mating of a ‘kind’ to a ‘different kind’ ...

*if* there is any (temporary) viable product ...

that 'product’ is *always* sterile ... i.e. not able to reproduce.

An example of 'variation within the same kind' is seen in the hospitals these days where, if you go for even a short stay, you too often come away with an ‘opportunistic’ infection ...

The wide spread misuse of antibiotics, in modern medicine, (especially in hospitals), reduces the ‘vital healthy’ gut flora, (our vital healthy bacteria that keeps the pathogenic bacteria in check ... and is also vital to make ... and to make bioavailable ... essential nutrients from the GI tract) ...

so those pathogens they were already resistant to that antibiotic... flourish ...

and typically then, another antibiotic is tried ...

but ...

it often seems there were still pathogenic bacteria that were kept in check by all the
now wiped out competitors ... and these 'resistant to all typically used antibiotics'

... can now flourish ...

So ... you go to an hospital for some ‘minor’ problem ...

and you come away with a life threatening bacterial infection ... one that is resistant to all presently designed antibiotics ...

but that infection is probably still able to be managed if you support your highly complex and multifaceted immune system with something like nano-silver 10 ppm.

And these ... now 'resistant bacteria' ... tend to be passed on, in hospitals, from one patient to another ... by a not perfect containment of these so nasty pathogens that now seem to live in so many hospital settings.

A computer example:

Can (C++) compiled code from one computer, say a Windows OS, run on an other (as is),

say with a Linux OS ?

No !

Not unless there is a carefully designed and executed re-compile of the original text code ... and that original text code ... was re-compiled for that Linux Os with a C++ Linux based compiler for C++ code ... (and the original text code used no (non-standard) features that were machine dependent.)

Can a dog be trained to fetch ‘your slippers’ ?


Can a child be trained to fetch ‘your slippers’ ?


Here are examples of two highly engineered *self-replicating/self-repairing* and very mobile ‘computer systems’ that can be ‘taught’ to respond to the same input instructions ... to produce a very similar ‘end result'.

The dog used his mouth.
The child used his hand.

Just think of the hardware and the software that might need to be designed and built to accommodate just the simple task of *learning*, and *executing* the simple task of fetching slippers ... for two such distinct systems ... but they each need to be pre-programed with software (and pre-built with hardware) to be able to learn to do this simple task ... but also ... in any of the known languages of the world ... and in any of a wide variety of a limited and yet future context !!!

? ? ?

A very wise and exceeding skillful software and hardware engineer is needed ... one who is able to ‘control and limit’  future conditions that will arise ... and that sure is pushing way beyond the limits of (our) present (AI) ability ... yes  ? ? ?


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Re: A reply letter to a friend’s question ...
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2018, 09:14:01 PM »
An added thought I’d like to share ...

after my breakfast time together recently with my oldest grand-daughter ...

It concerns a very common fallacy for all to note well:

Let me start by stating the fallacy as simply as I might ...

The fallacy:

A person thinks that they are taking the ‘high ground’ by accusing the other person that ... that person just thinks that they ‘are right in their understanding.’

What the accuser forgets is best illustrated by the reality that we all regularly do go to ‘experts’ ...


1) we take our car to a expert mechanic to get it fixed.

2) we take our deep long cut to a medical expert to have that cut sutured.

So ... it is not improper to think oneself to have a measure of expertise in a field of experience  ...  if ... that one is truly experienced in that area of activity.

In court:

we find that we do regularly bring in ‘an expert witness’ ... say in an area of forensic science to asset that the ‘evidence’ is either sound ... or not.

Or ... we bring in credible eye witnesses to give testimony of what they observed.

 So ... as ‘an expert enough’ witness in the field of computer programming ... I can confidently assert:

We **never ever** get a computer program, (i.e. code to do anything useful), without firstly designing and building the hardware and compatible software ... to do that ‘task’ ... 

and this process of ‘design / building’ **never ever** happens by using ‘undirected energy’ !!!!

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Re: A reply letter to a friend’s question ...
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2018, 09:16:46 PM »
An addendum:

My friend, Sacha, the USA father of three, who I met as a ‘computer programming student’ several years ago (6 or 7?) ... added this pithy comment:

“The complexity of human existence takes the software / hardware analogy to an even higher level:

not only does the software (spirit, soul) affect the hardware (body), but the causality works in the other direction too.

This seems to indicate that the Intelligence that designed both intended to create a framework that establishes human responsibility...”
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